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We offer excellent rates.  We are brokers, which means we shop for the best possible loan from dozens of lenders that fits your unique situation. Banks can't do that.  Retail lenders can't do that.  Only brokers can.   Check out this video:


Here are current average US rates :

Because we are brokers, we are almost always able to offer significantly better rates than these.  How much better?  Well, that depends on a number of factors.  You are a unique person with your own story.  No website can understand you and spit out an accurate rate.  (Some lenders act like they can, but really all they do is quote low rates that most don't ultimately get!)


We believe in the human factor.   We want to get to know you, shop for the best options for you and give you accurate information.  Call, email, or otherwise contact us to start the conversation.  It only takes a few minutes.  We won't sacrifice accuracy for automation.

One more thing.  We think you deserve choices, real information and help with analyzing your options.  Here's a sample of one tool we provide to help you make the best choice.

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Quality Choice Funding is a premier residential mortgage broker serving California, Washington and Montana.

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